The Top 5 Kayaks For Whitewater Kayaking

Today, we will be discussing the top 5 kayaks for whitewater kayaking explicitly! Here we go, check out these beauties and salivate:


1. Dagger Jitsu 5.5

Dagger kayak

The Dagger Jitsu 5.5 is the number one best choice for versatile whitewater play. With this gnarly little gem, paddlers are able to carve up big waves, dive into any river hole, and even jump into freestyle competition with ease. The Jitsu 5.5 prides itself on providing superior pops while also excelling at river hole play.

This kayak excels at three-dimensional combo moves and provides for a fast, loose ride. It comes in at 5’6″ long, has a 34″ cockpit, and weighs 29 pounds. This boat is optimized for paddlers weighing between 90-155 lbs.


2. Jackson Kayak’s MonStar

Monstar in red

If Dagger’s Jitsu 5.5 is on the small side, Jackson Kayak’s MonStar is a beast of a whitewater kayak. This boat is based on Jackson’s 2010 All Star series, but is sized to accommodate paddlers up to 300 lbs.

The MonStar boasts an extremely high volume for the bigger paddlers, a Sure-Lock Backband system (rust free), Jackson’s trademark Sweet Cheeks seat, and lightning speed comparable to longer boats. It also has an easy-to-roll design, a reinforced hull, is Go-Pro ready and even comes with your very own Nalgene water bottle sporting a Jackson Kayak’s logo.


3. Liquidlogic Party Braaap

comparing braaap with party braap

Liquidlogic had a ton of success with the earlier Braaap kayak. Improving on that design and incorporating customer feedback, they now bring the Party Braaap to the water table. The Party Braaap has the same design as the Braaap, but Liquidlogic removed 2.5 gallons of volume from the stern, which gives this ride a sweet concave shape.

While the Braaap is more of a full volume performance river runner, the Party Braaap is a more playful option, giving paddlers a choice. The Party Braaap is a dynamic duo of a surfer and a river runner that shatters all expectations. It’s 8’11” long, has a 34.5″ cockpit, and weighs 44 lbs.


4. Liquidlogic Freeride 67

Freeride 67

Liquidlogic does it again with the Freeride 67, a boat designed to do it all. It excels at surfing waves, spins, cartwheels, loops, speed and agility. The aptly named Freeride 67 literally allows the paddler the freedom to do whatever he or she wants.

It’s 6’9″ long, has a 35″ cockpit, weighs 33 pounds, and is suited for paddlers weighing between 180 and 260 pounds. Also available from Liquidlogic is the 67’s sibling, the Freeride 57, which comes in at 6’6″ long and is just as adept at handling all things whitewater.


5. Jackson Kayak’s FUN

FUN kayak in yellow

The FUN was Jackson Kayak’s first-ever whitewater kayak, and was named for why paddlers get into kayaking raging rapids in the first place, to have fun! Similar to the Freeride 57/67 kayaks, the FUN is designed to allow the paddler to get the most out of any whitewater river. Paddling in the FUN means river running, surfing, squirting, cartwheeling, and well, FUN. This kayak includes a smooth rocker for speed, high edges for control, a loose hull and plenty of leg room.

As with Jackson Kayak’s other models, the FUN also comes Go-Pro ready and includes a logo Nalgene water bottle. This kayak is 6’10” long, has a 34.5″ cockpit, weighs 32 pounds, and is fitted for paddlers weighing between 145 to 185 pounds.